21 Technology Secrets Revealed (Part 2)

Cell Phone: Your Location Tracker

Anywhere you go the cell phone that you carry would facilitate in knowing where you are this is done through the call phone towers that permits your service provider to triangulate the position in which you are within a distance of few steps of your position.

The government can approach the wireless service provider and use the data to known wherever you, if you are carrying a cell phone, says Jennifer Granick of Electronic Frontier Foundation.

The cellular phone tracking can also save life, cellular phone tracking facilitate in positioning abducted people and stranded victims in wilderness. But the law enforcement has used the facility of tracking people without any suitable reason. For example, New Jersey got hold of phone subscribers’ information or data more than 79 times between in the year 2002 and 2008 with no warrant.

Giving such powers to law enforcement unlocks various chances for the information gathering on the people who are not necessarily people of any interest in any investigation, says M. Granick.

Another instance is that police would be able to find out names of everybody where was near the political protest location just because the police were examining an important person or something which happened there, as she says.

The Solution: If someone’s phone has got GPS chip and if you do want to be followed then you need to turn off the cell phone. Even in such instances, the carrier might be able to ring the phone to find out the nearest cell towers. Switching off your cell phone completely is the most excellent bet for dipping off grid, if only for the moment. The next time when you use your cell phone, you are likely to be back on the service providers’ grid.

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