Microsoft Office 2011 Eliminates Incompatibility With Macintosh

After ten long years of hostile relations, Microsoft is finally breaking its battle with Macintosh with the Microsoft Office for Mac 2011. This new version integrates a Microsoft Outlook for Mac users and substitutes the unreliable Entourage email client and information manager. This system has completely restored Mac as a business computer.

Before Office 2011, Mac users’ participation on their companies’ Exchange-based email systems have been very limited because of Entourage. As a result of the incompatibility between Mac users and Exchange, the Mac was regarded as a ‘second-class corporate citizen’. Moreover, Microsoft should be completely blamed for the sabotage as it has allowed the problem to last for ten years.

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Second-hand smoke voids Apple’s Warranty, Really?

The world is full of good reasons to kick the butt. There are baseless reasons too, but you wouldn’t have heard like the one Apple makes, they void warranties due to cigarette smoke!

Any sensible person would be against smoking so am I! I do not propose that the technicians be exposed to hazardous chemicals. Yet it is unreasonable of Apple to deny the warranties claimed on the Macintoshes exposed to smoke from cigarettes.

The Consumerist has been publishing these on two occasions over the last few months.

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