Mail Order Processing With Innovative SAP Solutions

Post and Mail systems are really very relevant in a country’s internal and external communications at both public and private levels of operations. The relevance of the Mail Processing Systems is increasing everyday even though the mighty electronic mail applications and utilities are pervasive all over the world. Thus, this is indeed a sort of strange situation that compels us to reflect on the future of both the snail mail and web mail services.

A similar development is aggravating in Germany. The Mail operations are being examined, simplified, and improved. On 30th September, 2009, the Mail Order Congress began in Wiesbaden, Germany, which lasted till 1st October, 2009. The program organized by the German Mail Order Congress focused on the implementation of SAP solutions concerning advanced Mail Order Processing and Manipulation.

In this session, the audience was presented with auspicious SAP solutions for distance selling. The SAP software enables especially small and medium businesses to open in the booming mail order business and residential customers to new distribution channels. The solutions for the mail support provide a comprehensive control of all communication and sales channels to reach the customers. The application helps in increasing the revenues and transaction volumes along with increased yields. Apart from the companies like HSE24 and SSI Schäfer Group, which have their distribution channels that cater to more precise focus on customer requirements, the offer is also aimed at Internet merchants and manufacturers. These entrepreneurs generally want to market their products through direct sales.

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