Introduction of Windows XP

In October 2001, Microsoft Corp. launched Windows XP, the first consumer-friendly operating system. The company released Windows XP (code named “Whistler”), by merging Windows NT/2000 and Windows 95/98/Me. Windows XP uses graphical interface to provide a conventional and standard way to work between many software programs. It is more user-friendly than previous versions of Windows. The several editions of this operating system are Windows XP Home Edition, which is for home users while Windows XP Professional Edition is targeted at power users. Business and enterprise clients offers added features including two physical processors and support for Windows Server domains while Windows XP Media Center Edition’s multimedia feature augment its ability to view DVD movies, watch and record television shows, and listen to music. Professional x64 Edition can handle larger amounts of information than a 32-bit system. During 2009, Windows XP came up with system software exclusively for the cellular telephone, the first of its kind. Moreover, it is equipped with a magnificent Graphical User Interface. Windows XP is customizable, adaptable for different screen resolutions, powered with superb display quality. Windows XP, automatically and readily, finds and installs many hardware drivers, which are available in the international markets. It is widely adaptable and run on a lot of utility and application software’s, thus they are void of any serious difficulties. It can moreover, quickly adapt to wide range of Microsoft products like MS Office, MS Visual FoxPro , ERP,MS SQL applications which are running on MS SQL etc. It thus creates a momentum and accuracy to the machine and modifies the utility. To improve the functionality dynamically, there are various options for developing powerful tools and applications by using VBScript.

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Microsoft Office’s Imperfection is Hacker’s Joy

The users of Microsoft office for Windows have been attacked by cyber criminals taking advantage of programming flaw that the company Microsoft is yet to repair. This has been accepted by Microsoft Corp itself.

The largest software maker of the world had issued this warning while releasing other nine patches to seal security loopholes in the software. The director of security research with McAfee Inc’s Avert Labs, Dave Marcus was quick to state that in spite of today’s solutions given by Microsoft, Users of Windows are under attacks. The progress of Microsoft receives setback from these attackers time and again.

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