Microsoft cuts repetition

Microsoft Research India has developed a kind of compression technology which eliminates redundancy and operates like a host service in enterprise information systems avoiding the use of accelerators over a Wide Area Network.

Coconet stands for Content Compression in Networks. The developers of this system studied access network links of eleven corporate locations for a few weeks besides watching the access link of the Wisconsin University, as it students were collaborating in the said project.

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Potential Phishing Attack Exposes Hotmail Accounts

On Monday morning, Internet pirates posted more than ten thousand Hotmail accounts online. In a demonstration of their ability to obtain sensitive information, the attackers displayed the usernames and passwords needed to access a Hotmail account, for accounts listed in alphabetical order and beginning with ‘A’ and ‘B.’

About 5,500 accounts were revealed for each of the two letters. An extrapolation of this data presents a surmise that a total of approximately 143,000 accounts were violated, if the attackers have similar numbers of account numbers for all 26 letters of the alphabet.

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