Microsoft Fixes Its Office Patch

The elegant company of Microsoft corroborated the launch of a Windows tool with the help of which the English text could be translated into Chinese language. The admittance came out to be the second in the previous two days from the team of a gaffe of the Microsoft Office concerning the most up-to-the-minute security update.

The announcement done on the Friday, comprised of the seven patch update that the company of Microsoft had shipped for Excel on Tuesday. As per the “Office Sustained Engineering” blog of Microsoft, they had got some of the reports from the customers of Excel 2002 and Excel 2003 customers that after the deployment of the update of KB978474 or KB978471 they could view text that was the non-English in the tab of “Add or Remove Programs” or in the “Programs and Features” tool.

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The Free Upgrade To Microsoft Office 2010 Will Be The Perfect Technology Guarantee Program For Users

How about buying the Microsoft Office for your computer right away or would you prefer to wait till Microsoft Office 2010 is launched in the market. If you do not want to waste time, then you can choose to have a copy of Office 2007 before September 30 as that will enable you to have an upgrade to Office 2010 free of cost. Microsoft’s Technology Guarantee Program has planned this for its customer’s world wide.

Microsoft earlier had not considered the free upgrade for Office 2010 and had made a formal announcement in January as they felt that the Technology Guarantee Program had quite a few restrictions that needed to be sorted out. Let us learn about the basics of this program if we were to get our free upgrade for our home computer.

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Microsoft Office 2010: An Enthralling Beta

The emancipated release of Microsoft Office 2010 Beta version finally opens its door to public assessment. The 2010 beta declares the deliverance of an amended forerunner productivity suite. These amendments include close integration with lightweight Web versions of core applications, improved multimedia support, a cunning interface refresh and added features intended to make effortless creation and allocation of documents. Another addition to these developments is that it can now track feeds from social websites by means of Outlook, a notable support system of 2010 Office.

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Microsoft Office’s Imperfection is Hacker’s Joy

The users of Microsoft office for Windows have been attacked by cyber criminals taking advantage of programming flaw that the company Microsoft is yet to repair. This has been accepted by Microsoft Corp itself.

The largest software maker of the world had issued this warning while releasing other nine patches to seal security loopholes in the software. The director of security research with McAfee Inc’s Avert Labs, Dave Marcus was quick to state that in spite of today’s solutions given by Microsoft, Users of Windows are under attacks. The progress of Microsoft receives setback from these attackers time and again.

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