Microsoft Releases A Better Version Of Attack Surface Analyzer

Attack Surface Analyzer

Microsoft has announced the release of a new version of Attack Surface Analyzer. The new tool has been equipped with necessary features that will enable it to underline security weakness. These are problems that arise as a result of the use or installation of an application on Windows 7 PC.

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Windows 8 Remains a Mystery as Microsoft Anticipates Surging Market Demands

Microsoft has always had surprises for its customers. They have a very special trend for software development. It is quite difficult to anticipate what they will roll out whenever they announce such a move. For example, the upgrade of Windows 1.0 to Windows 7 came as a surprise to many. […]

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Google Not so Concerned with Microsoft in the Realm of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing today really has only one important player and that is Google. The internet giant who defined what online search should be has already been into cloud computing since 2007 when it launched Google Apps as a business service. In its inception, there were nine different applications that anyone could access from the internet. The most prominent application that forms part of Google Apps is Google Mail or Gmail. An exciting feature of Google Apps is an online office suite, which is essentially a form of software as a service, or better known by its palindrome acronym SaaS. Google Docs and Spreadsheet were the first apps that Google released into the cloud and today are the state of the art in online office productivity software.

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Microsoft Still Lagging in Terms of In-the-Cloud Applications Development

With Google’s development of their in-the-cloud applications and even operating system, they still have to stand up to industry contenders such as Apple and Microsoft who have captured a huge part of the market over the past decades. Google and Microsoft are contenders in most all levels which range from operating systems, office applications, browsers, and search engines. The biggest difference is, Google has a good window into the future and has seen the future in online connectivity.

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