Linux Fear – Admitted by Microsoft

Microsoft has not been genuine about its concern of Linux as a competitor till now but recently in its filing with Security and Exchange Commission the company has admitted for the first time that Windows has a significant threat from Linux.

TechFlash in its report stated that Microsoft accepted Canonical from Ubuntu and Red Hat from Linux as strong competitors in its Client division; that’s what was listed by Microsoft in its recent filing with SEC. TechFlash added that previously Red Hot was admitted as competitor but only to Server & Tools and Business divisions.

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A New Brand of Exploring with Bing!

The best part of the internet is being able to do fast searches for almost anything under the sun and almost always getting some information about it. Google has it’s Google search engine, Yahoo has Yahoo search, and Microsoft has it’s very own Bing! Fully functional on the web on June 3, 2009, Bing had a much anticipated release. Formerly developed under the names of Live Search, MSN Search, and Windows Live Search, it finally made its debut as the “decision engine”.

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Smart Cards

Is “what you have” more secure than “what you know”? At the end of the day, companies need to count the cost and decide if smart are preferred over passwords.

At the Microsoft IT Forum held in Copenhagen back in year 2004, chairman and chief software architect Bill Gates touted that the company will be using smart cards for both physical and logical access – a declaration made in conjunction with the announcement of a new .Net smart card.

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