Crimes Against Information Systems

Today’s Information age has given many freedoms to the Netizens, which was not possible without the advent of this age. The users of Information Systems have readily available information, for example, complete Encyclopedia Britannica in one Compact disc with all sorts of search features is available, pointing towards correct information within the right time. Imagine doing this with the book version of the Encyclopedia, sifting through numerous pages looking out for the information alphabetically and still may not be able to retrieve it. Another advantage of Information System is the availability of real time information on any area. For example, users can login to their banks’ website, credit card site, or share markets for any online transactions. No doubt, this provides convenience but it also comes with its own price of managing the security of the transactions. Crimes against Information systems is a growing concern amongst the Cyber security experts and Federal Law agencies as this has the potential to bring down a system and operation which otherwise would run smoothly.

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