Web Browsers’ Evolution History In Later Nineties

Opera – Released first in 1996

Before Opera it was called MultiTorg Opera. It was in version 2.0 Opera was available to general public as shareware and the tag of MultiTorg was removed.

Opera 2.0 was written from scratch and had nothing to do with Mosaic, Netscape or IE. Opera 2.0 supported HTML 3.0 and was able to zoom the full page from 20 percent to 1000 percent. It saved, opened, inserted and restored sessions and could support video.

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Opera Shows Thumbs Down To Microsoft’s Exclusion of IE8 in Windows7

Opera Software has expressed their discontent over Microsoft move to exclude Internet Explorer 8 from Windows 7. The Norwegian browser-creator had earlier initiated anti-trust probe into the business practices of the software giant Microsoft in Europe.

Opera’s response comes in the wake of Microsoft revealing their plan to omit IE8 from its soon-to-be-released operating system Windows 7. This version of Windows 7 named ‘E’ edition is aimed exclusively for European Union market.

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