Google Goggles Visual Search: An Overview

Here is a revolution in mobile search. On Monday Google Goggles introduced a new visual search tool for Android phones making information off the internet on the move, more accessible.

An introduction to Google’s Goggles

Google Goggles which is different from the Google Mail Goggles, the not so efficient email software helps you surf by taking photographs. If you want more information on the product, just take a picture. If you need information on some shop or business just take a snap of it and search, you will get all the information in the product and there is more.

Google Goggles supports photographic search for businesses, art, books, barcodes, contact information, DVDs, landmarks, plain texts and logos.

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Microsoft’s Bing now with an added ‘visual search’ function.

Microsoft’s battle with Google, the search engine giant seems to have received a much needed boost with the adding of a new feature by Microsoft to its Bing search engine. This feature which is still in the beta stage is called Visual search and provides users with a unique alternative to the usual list of blue colored links that appear when you, for example, run a search on sports, toy airplanes or other products. This new feature has been announced by one of the senior vice-presidents of Microsoft; Yusuf Mehdi at a conference on technology in San Francisco called The Tech Crunch 50.

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