It’s Cyber Monday: 20 Deals Not To Be Missed

The National Retail Federation brings you the Annual Cyber Celebration, so don’t put those credit cards away. If you are avoiding the Black Friday crowd then don’t worry you will get all the best deals from your office cubicle, kitchen table or from home base.

On this day 90% retailers online will offer free shipping or other rebates as announced at the NRF event as an online shopping bonanza. The list includes some major names of retailers in the technical league.

I have searched the Internet for some of the best deal being offered on Cyber Monday this week. But before to you get engrossed there; do check out our Cyber Monday Introduction from last year’s shopping fest. This primer has a lot of handy suggestions which will help you gain the best deals. Also check out the Holiday Gift Guide published in the PC World for the best deals in technological devices this year.

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Game Consoles Affordable In Time For Holidays

Now that class is back in session and the overwhelm of “Back to School” sales has ground to a halt, the Christmas shopping season is already shifting into gear. Sony has gotten a jump start on the holiday by cutting a hundred dollars from the price tag of its PlayStation 3. The cut, and the advertising barrage than accompanied it, boosted PS3 sales by three hundred percent in the last three weeks of August alone, with revenue process up by 140 percent. That figure is lower than the unit-sales figure because of the price drop, and still remarkable due to that fact.

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Sony Comes Out With PS3 Slim – PS3 Price Comes Down To $300

Now here you have, the magical Sony PS3 with price cut along with a slimmer and trimmer model of PS3. The talk of better and less weighty PS3 model from Sony had been there was very long. There were lots of gossip around (what more can be said when there was no official declaration from Sony the manufacturer itself), lots of leads with no authentic things about the new product that is to hit the market.

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