Google and the Strange Case of the Nexus One Smart Phone

The darling of the press that was the Google Nexus One smart phone suddenly became the goat when cold reality stepped in. Touted as the next big thing in mobility following the iPhone, the Android powered phone got cold disdain from the general public when they realized what they were not getting – namely genuine customer support, working 3G connectivity, reasonable termination fees, and for the developers, a promising operating system that is open to outside programmers for them to develop third party apps.

It was a different press that was all agog about the Nexus One one to two weeks ago. Because much of the phone was developed behind closed doors, a lot of the talk was a mix of fact and fiction. When the phone finally came out of the woods, all expectations came crashing down when Nexus One, as it turned out, was basically just a minor update to existing Android powered mobile devices. Google got a lot of hype when it was learned that everyone can buy the phone over the web, but that too came crashing down when it turned out that a contract between the user and the service provider, which is T-Mobile, had to be ironed out. In retrospect, selling the device over the web wasn’t so hot after all, everyone is doing it already.

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Preferred Browsers for Smartphone Users

When one owns a smartphone, they are treated to a relatively good-sized screen with touchscreen capabilities allowing web surfing and checking of emails. But it is also interesting that many smartphone consumers go for the “look” and image of the phone, rather than its actual functionality. In general, if it looks good, then the purchase is pretty much worth the money spent on it. Because of this, many smartphone users are stuck with using whatever default, pre-installed software and applications are available.

In an interesting comparative study between cellphones (which included the Nokia 5800, the T-Mobile G1, the iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 3G, the BlackBerry Storm, the Nokia N97, the Palm Pre, and selected Windows Mobile gadgets) the different operating system on each was studied along with the corresponding browsers. These browsers include Google’s Android, Apple’s Safari, Palm’s WebOS, among others. Let’s see how the different browsers performed when they were tested against each other.

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Google’s Voice

After a long awaited anticipation, Google is launching its call management system aptly named Google Voice. There has been a keen expectation from businessmen and Google followers alike. With its capability to tie all your phone numbers into one powerful account, give you the flexibility to decide how your calls are managed, and a lot of other noteworthy features like voicemail-to-text transcribing, surely this phone management tool is worth the wait.

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Absolute Must Own Applications, For Your iPhone

There is no doubt that you will be well aware of the various capabilities of the iPhone like, its awesome touch-screen, built-in GPS & camera and the multimedia playback. But the latest thing that makes this smartphone stand apart from all the other cell phones is its App Store, which is part of the iTunes. If your iPhone is lacking some of the latest features, then you can download them either through the iPhone itself (using Wi-Fior the 3G) or through a computer by first downloading the features on to the system and then synchronizing the iPhone with the system.

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