Preferred Browsers for Smartphone Users

When one owns a smartphone, they are treated to a relatively good-sized screen with touchscreen capabilities allowing web surfing and checking of emails. But it is also interesting that many smartphone consumers go for the “look” and image of the phone, rather than its actual functionality. In general, if it looks good, then the purchase is pretty much worth the money spent on it. Because of this, many smartphone users are stuck with using whatever default, pre-installed software and applications are available.

In an interesting comparative study between cellphones (which included the Nokia 5800, the T-Mobile G1, the iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 3G, the BlackBerry Storm, the Nokia N97, the Palm Pre, and selected Windows Mobile gadgets) the different operating system on each was studied along with the corresponding browsers. These browsers include Google’s Android, Apple’s Safari, Palm’s WebOS, among others. Let’s see how the different browsers performed when they were tested against each other.

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