About Social Network Marketing

Social networking is getting very popular these days. The reason of the success of the success of the social networking is that these sites are being pushed by the right kind of agenda. Now the social networking has become one of the most important tools of promoting business on internet. It is considered as the modern approach to the present internet generation. The reason behind this is that almost every second person is making use of the internet and is using some kind of social networking sites for getting connected with friends and family. Internet is now widely used for making purchases also and the best way to reach the users of internet is through social networking sites.

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Business Knowledge Sharing Through Social Networking

If there is anything that is helping businesses today, it is the social networking sites that have appeared online in the past decade. With these social network sites, people are able to stay connected and share a special kind of knowledge, outside just pure data, with other people and organizations.

This kind of knowledge is also known as ‘tacit knowledge’ which is knowledge that is accumulated over time and is exactly neither explicit nor accessible to people around us. Dr. David Jacobson the PricewaterhouseCoopers Canada Director of Emerging Technologies says that social networking has opened businesses up to a whole new arena of unlocking this kind of language and sharing it with others online.

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