Tomorrow, the Browser is King

The browser that you are using now will have a much bigger role in the future. How big you may ask? Well how about the browser taking over much of the roles of the operating system! The browser will also have a much more pervasive presence and a much broader functionality. Read on and find out if you agree with much of the things being said here.

Because the browser will be used in a lot of contexts, experts are saying that the user interface will become more innovative. For example, browsers will be used in cars, from navigation, to selecting radio stations, and playing music stored somewhere in the cloud. In this setting, taking your hands off the wheel to manipulate the browser is dangerous. Innovations in the user interface, like the use of gestures and speech recognition will become commonplace. Although some form of speech recognition already exists, expect something more sexy and sophisticated in the years to come. Sophisticated cameras and motion sensors make it possible to communicate to the browser using gestures. For example, those who are reading newspapers on the browser of tomorrow will simply have to wave their hands across the browser’s screen, mimicking how readers today flip pages on books and magazines.

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