Returning Found Gadgets, Desktop Organizer, and An Energy Saver: Three Cool Things You Can Do

A great many things are going on in the world of technology and the three things that I will be writing about are excellent examples of the credo “it just gets better everyday”. One part of the article talks about a web service that helps people reunite with their lost gadgets. Another talks about an ingenious way of using a hole commonly found in computer desks, and the last one is one more thing you can do to make computing more earth friendly.

Lost and found

You may have encountered a lost gadget while riding on a bus on the way to work. Well, if it was a mobile phone, finding out the owner is pretty easy. But what if it was a gaming gadget like a PSP or a Nintendo DS? If no identification is attached to the device, then finding out its rightful owner could be next to impossible.

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Things that You Get for Free on the Web that Really Saves You Money

I’m sure you’ve heard of things that you can get for free on the web. You have instant messaging, electronic mail and free web space where you can write your blog. I’m not really interested in those kinds of things, instead I’ll show you free things that that are actually useful in your line of work. In other words, the free things that I’ll be talking about actually help you earn money.

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