Set Up Your Home Network, Windows 7 Edition

Here’s how to share printers along with files from XP and PCs of Vista, not to leave alone the Mac from your Windows 7 System.

It becomes much easier to share files and the printers along a network with the help of the all new feature of HomeGroups. HomeGroups permit you to connect files along with printers by a set of password-in case all the systems are equipped with Windows 7. Here’s how to make your Windows 7 system work effectively along a network that is quipped with the systems of Mac, XP or Vista.

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Using Windows 7 on Older PCs (3)

Windows 7 has been proven to work on older computers 2 or 3 generations away from contemporary models. Microsoft has apparently fixed what was wrong with Vista and gave us a new OS free from the bloat and objectionable pop-ups that was the hallmark of the Vista user experience. Microsoft even announced that Windows 7 will work on netbooks. This is significant knowing that beginning in 2008, more portable computers were sold compared to desktop units.

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Using Windows 7 on Older PCs (1)

When you encounter a Pentium 4 computer running contemporary applications or acting as a server, chances are the computer is running on Linux. Breathing new life into old computers has been the exclusive domain of the Linux operating system because it demands little on computer hardware, has robust security such that you can eschew resource hungry anti-virus software, and most of all, because it is open source and free.

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