Mobilizing Windows 7

Here is exciting news to owners and fans of smart phones powered by the mobile version of Microsoft Windows. There will be a major upgrade of the operating system to Windows 7. The mobile edition of the operating system will be called Windows Phone 7 Series and will be soon available at the start of the holiday season of 2010.

Gone is the familiar start menu where most of the access to software takes place. Instead, what the user sees in the display screen is an optimized user interface that utilizes clean and visually appealing tiles representing the most favorite or the most used software. Tiles not only represent software and data that reside inside the phone’s memory, they may be used as live shortcuts to websites such as Facebook or Twitter. The live links to the websites work in such a way that when any of your friends updates their status, the tiles set up to represent these websites get updated too. While this is could be a very obvious step forward, people who are used to static displays will find this new feature unsettling at first but way cooler, nonetheless.

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MOBILedit! Mobile phone control center

MOBILedit! Is ready to connect to various mobile phone platforms, what makes it really universal tool. MOBILedit supports a great number of brands and types, and can handle with devices that are not included in database of supported mobile phones yet!

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A Walkthrough Of Windows 7 Security Features

In the PC world, Microsoft’s Windows 7 is already gaining a high satisfaction rate, yet there are many issues arising with the operating system’s new security features. Both IT personnel and users in general are still coping with deltas and configurations applied in Windows 7.

Below is a walkthrough of Windows 7 security deltas and some suggestions to go with it.

UAC (User Account Control)

The update in User Account Control is one of the most remarkable improvements in Windows 7. Default setting has reduced number of prompts for low risk administrative tasks, yet administrators can configure prompt level by the use of a slider bar.

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The 2010 Tech Predictions: What is Technology Up To In the Year Ahead?

As 2009 draws to a close, we are once again at that time of year when we wonder what could be in store for us for the coming year. And yes, that includes wondering where technology might be leading us. So settle down as you gaze at the digital display backlight of that overworked PC, make yourself comfy, and let’s mull over the many possibilities that 2010 technology may turn into.

Accolades for Windows 7. Oh yes, expect a lot of rave reviews about this OS to convince the market that the switch from its predecessor will be worth their while – and money. Microsoft will undoubtedly spend millions to persuade Vista loyalists to look forward to (or is it back to?) the advantages of Windows 7 and how much better it is. The thing is there will be quite a resistance to the new operating system, especially for home users who don’t have the technical capability to do a quick change. IT departments are more likely to defer an upgrade until such time that their Vista-generation system is at least partially depreciated. Like they say, “If it’s not broken, why fix it?” All in all, it doesn’t look like there will be much clamor for the new operating system – at least not for a while. Take heart IT departments, you can stay put and bide your time before thinking of setting up the upgrade.

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Windows 7: Satisfaction Status

The introduction of Windows 7 as the newest operating system occurred more than a month now. People who availed the OS are still in the act of learning and settling in process. Presently, Windows 7 is still being improved by wiping out bugs and glitches and of course delivering compatible drivers for utmost performance. But after a month of release, users are already scrutinizing the system.

So the question is: Is Windows 7 actually better than the Vista version? Technologizer group decided to interview their community of tech fanatics about their say on the operating system. The survey about Windows 7’s experience started last November 16 for their readers and Twitter followers. It was conducted for the purpose of having realistic reviews about the new operating system to conjoin with the enthusiastic comments of Windows 7 beta users last March.

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Microsoft Windows 7 Will Speak 10 Languages from Africa

Redmond is translating Windows 7 into 10 languages from the African Continent, this is to ensure that the computer revolution penetrates the Dark Continent, connects it to the rest of the world by encouraging the use of native languages unencumbered by the limitation of French or English and end software piracy.

Windows 7 is expected to be available in the languages such as Amharic, kiSwahili, isiXhosa, Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa, isiZulu, Afrikaans, Setswana and Sesotho sa Leboa, by the year 2011.

Mark Matunga, the Citizenship Manager of Microsoft Eastern and South Africa stated that this move was to encourage technical access for the African people what better way than to give it in their own language and in their own frame of reference to demolish the barricade.

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Top 20 Windows 7 Tips

Every computer user tries to make his computer as customized as possible. Newer software releases are always a hot favorite among the computer freaks and each one tries to acquire them. Each requires a certain level of intelligence to invest and then can they be suitable to yield outputs according to your expectations. The newest invention in the field is the all new Windows & Operating System by Microsoft. The company has claimed to have delivered its best technology for the development of it. If you want to own one, you may know beforehand the tips to get rid of unwanted features and to personalize it accordingly. These tips will help you at dealing with Windows 7.

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