Windows 8 Remains a Mystery as Microsoft Anticipates Surging Market Demands

Microsoft has always had surprises for its customers. They have a very special trend for software development. It is quite difficult to anticipate what they will roll out whenever they announce such a move. For example, the upgrade of Windows 1.0 to Windows 7 came as a surprise to many. […]

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What? Windows 8?

In what many suspect to be an intentional leak, copies of a presentation authored by Microsoft techies found their way to several tech-oriented blogs. Analysts, eager to find out what’s next for the Redmond based software giant, pored over the supposedly secret documents only to find out that the presentation was short on specifics. However, the directions pointed out by the documents reveal what Microsoft wants to happen during Windows 8’s release in 2012. The 2012 date is in step with Microsoft’s schedule of releasing a new operating system every three years.

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Details Leaked For Windows 8

Thanks to an unauthorized information source within the United States R&D division of Microsoft, we now have some information about Windows 8, which should become available in 2012. This is embarrassing to Microsoft because they have not even released Windows 7, which is due for release on October 22.

Robert Morgan, an employee of Microsoft who lists his job description as “senior research and development,” used his LinkedIn account to provide details on Microsoft’s Windows 8 project. His profile was removed from the LinkedIn network, though it can be found in the Google search cache by a determined researcher.

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