Mobilizing Windows 7

Here is exciting news to owners and fans of smart phones powered by the mobile version of Microsoft Windows. There will be a major upgrade of the operating system to Windows 7. The mobile edition of the operating system will be called Windows Phone 7 Series and will be soon available at the start of the holiday season of 2010.

Gone is the familiar start menu where most of the access to software takes place. Instead, what the user sees in the display screen is an optimized user interface that utilizes clean and visually appealing tiles representing the most favorite or the most used software. Tiles not only represent software and data that reside inside the phone’s memory, they may be used as live shortcuts to websites such as Facebook or Twitter. The live links to the websites work in such a way that when any of your friends updates their status, the tiles set up to represent these websites get updated too. While this is could be a very obvious step forward, people who are used to static displays will find this new feature unsettling at first but way cooler, nonetheless.

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