The biggest flaw with the Windows 7 taskbar

I have been a big critic of the new ‘super'(yuk!)bar.  Looking at things from an end-users point of view there are many things about it’s use and functionality that are just plain dumb.  I could rant on for ages about this but for this article I want to focus on the biggest single flaw…

Look at the screenshot and tell me what's wrong with it.

In this screenshot we’ve got an active download started through Internet Explorer but no open Internet Explorer Window, that’s been closed, we’ll say accidentally.

What happens when we click the Internet Explorer icon to open another window?  Nothing!  At the very best all you’ll succeed in doing is minimising and restoring the download window.  You won’t be able to open another Internet Explorer window until closing this download box. Continue reading …

Download Windows 7 RC

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