WinX MediaTrans: Best Tool to Free Up iPhone iPad for iOS 10 Update

iOS 10 is announced to be more dynamic, fun and expressive than ever OS Apple launched, however, you’ll need at least 4GB extra storage for the iOS 10 update, which turns out be a headache for the mass 16GB iPhone users.

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Microsoft Still Lagging in Terms of In-the-Cloud Applications Development

With Google’s development of their in-the-cloud applications and even operating system, they still have to stand up to industry contenders such as Apple and Microsoft who have captured a huge part of the market over the past decades. Google and Microsoft are contenders in most all levels which range from operating systems, office applications, browsers, and search engines. The biggest difference is, Google has a good window into the future and has seen the future in online connectivity.

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Apple Innovations Over the Years

With Steve Jobs’ comeback in 1998 to the Apple Company, he has only brought the company forward with his novel gadget ideas and innovative developments. With the recent release of the iPad, one cannot help but look back and see the different Apple products that have captured the world’s attention and brought Apple to the forefront of communications technology. With these revolutionary gadgets and technologies, people always look forward to what Apple will come up with the following year. Here is a timeline of the different Apple releases that have made waves through the years:

1998 – The Release of the iMac

This model was a hit because of the bright colors it came in, the great keyboards, and the monitors with a translucence that made it look trendy. The makeover had the younger crowds begging their parents to get them the iMac and offices mix and matching them with their furniture. It also introduced the use of USB sticks and ports instead of floppy disk drives. With this initial step, Apple was just starting a whole slew of innovations that would later have the world reeling.

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Battle In Court- Apple vs. Nokia

Apple and Nokia are again engaged in a battle, yet this is not about competing in the mobile phone market but in the legal court. Apple fought back with Nokia’s legal complaints by suing Nokia of infringement on its patents. Hence, both mobile phone manufacturers are now accusing each other with a similar case. If you would remember, Nokia was the first one who filed an infringement complaint requesting the International Trade Commission to ban imports of Apple mobile phones and now Apple answered back by filing the same complaint.

Surprisingly, the two largest mobile phone manufacturers are like novices playing a chess game where one is only imitating the move of his opponent, just to say that he can fight back. Apple’s strategy of following Nokia every step is not a good move.

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What has been in the News for Apple Lately

The week that passed was memorable indeed. From emails inviting all iPhone users to bring down AT&T, to the legions of faithful owners of Apple products, and to the mysterious Board of Directors of Apple, the stuff that has been attributed to them continues to amaze everyone. Apple is already so big that it has joined Microsoft in being one of IT world’s big, fat, and juicy targets. But stories such as the following three rumors have, at one time or another, been attested to be valid fact.

iPhone users to bring AT&T down

As a means of exacting revenge over AT&T providing insufficient bandwidth to iPhone users, an e-mail, said to originate from the depths of Apple’s engineering laboratories, was sent to thousands of owners of the slick smartphone. The e-mail urged all iPhone users to overwhelm AT&T’s network by running network heavy apps that will flood AT&T with thousands of simultaneous connection requests such that the phone company’s network servers will simply give up. Called Operation Chokehold, the plan of involving thousands of iPhone owners was meant to tell AT&T that people are fed up with the measly bandwidth and the insults the giant phone company has been saying to those complaining about the inadequacy of the network.

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Second-hand smoke voids Apple’s Warranty, Really?

The world is full of good reasons to kick the butt. There are baseless reasons too, but you wouldn’t have heard like the one Apple makes, they void warranties due to cigarette smoke!

Any sensible person would be against smoking so am I! I do not propose that the technicians be exposed to hazardous chemicals. Yet it is unreasonable of Apple to deny the warranties claimed on the Macintoshes exposed to smoke from cigarettes.

The Consumerist has been publishing these on two occasions over the last few months.

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The Apple Tablet Is Dead

The arrival of much awaited, Apple Tablet has been postponed by the manufacturers. It was just two days back when the morning news revealed of this. The company, Apple is pushed the release date even further, and have yet not disclosed the new one. Some experts say that this has been done as Apple is incorporating even more functionalities in it, hoping to sell it at around $2000. The more disheartening news is that a publishing company has even started making accessories and other product lines for this tablet, without even knowing whether the Apple Tablet is a reality or an illusion. Its time for us to accept that the future of tablet PCs have ended, for now- Apple Tablet, with “claimed” astonishing features is dead.

Baloney: the expensive Apple Tablet

The inside reports from Apple corporation say that the development of tablet has yet not ended and Apple is due to launch it in future. It has decided to add some new functionality in it, owing to which its release date will be delayed by over a period of six months. The scheduled to release in March, 2010, the Apple Tablet is being modified on the technical aspects. Apple will be removing some of the existing components and will also develop a back up tablet that can work as its substitute in capturing the market. It is destined to have 9.7 inches OLED screen. This will escort the primarily sought, 10.6 inches LCD screen product.

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