WinX MediaTrans: Best Tool to Free Up iPhone iPad for iOS 10 Update

iOS 10 is announced to be more dynamic, fun and expressive than ever OS Apple launched, however, you’ll need at least 4GB extra storage for the iOS 10 update, which turns out be a headache for the mass 16GB iPhone users. Fortunately, you can free up iPhone storage by deleting content manually, purchasing iCloud external space to back up your files, or getting WinX MediaTrans to transfer your photos videos music from iPhone iPad to computer at the fastest speed.

WinX MediaTrans is specially designed for Windows computer users to back up their photos, manage music and transfer videos between iOS devices and PC. Compared with many other file transfer tools in the market, it has a more user-friendly interface and easier operations. Besides, the cutting-edge technologies like Intel QSV & NVidia NVENC hardware acceleration optimized in it has greatly sped up the transferring process. With it you can export 100 4K photos from iPhone within 8 seconds and transfer a HD movie with only 2 minutes.

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Transfer Big HD Videos at World No.1 Speed

video interfaceHave you ever checked out how much storage is occupied by your iPhone 4K videos? We all like to record high definition videos, but a 4K video of only 1 minute takes up 375 MB, which means, a 2-hour 4K video makes a 32GB iPhone full. So obviously iPhone is not a good place to store HD videos. So why not back up those videos recorded to computer? WinX MediaTrans can easily export your iPhone videos in the shortest time without any quality loss.

Transferring videos from PC to iPhone for viewing on the go is also a specialty of WinX MediaTrans. Since iPhone, iPad and other iOS devices cannot recognize videos in FLV, AVI, MOV, etc. so this file transfer will convert videos to MP4 for your worry-free playback on any iOS devices. The converting process is as rapid as that of transferring.

Freely Export iPhone Photos by Date/Month/Year

Photos pile up on iPhone as time goes by. Forming a habit of backing up iPhone photos regularly will leave more space for your next trip, but transferring hundreds of photos, especially the HD ones, from iPhone to PC is far from an easy task. Fortunately, WinX MediaTrans can not only export your iPhone photos at the highest possible speed, but also gives you full freedom to transfer photos from iPhone to PC by creation date/month/year. In short, it brings you the best-ever photo backup experience.

Flexibly manage iPhone Music without limit

WinX MediaTrans can also serve as a powerful music manager. With it you can easily add or delete your music playlist, or modify the artist, album name with only one click. Here you can get almost all information of the music such as its quality, format, size, duration, artist, album, etc. You can either transfer music from iPhone to PC one by one or in batch. Add a comment to your music is also allowed.

In conclusion, whether you want to free up your iPhone for a smooth iOS 10 update, back up iPhone files to computer for better storage, or transfer media files from PC to iDevice for enjoying on the go, WinX MediaTrans is always the best for you.


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  • Jason Williams

    4GB is a hell lot of space for an update. I use the 16GB version of the iPhone 6 and it is going to be a real headache for me to update to iOS 10. I guess I will have to backup my files on iCloud or transfer it on the PC with the Win X media trans. It really does transfer files very quickly.

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