Windows 7 Service Pack 1

The release of window 7 first pack is going to meet the user demands. The pack that has been released by Microsoft aims at addressing OS nips and tucks. This new software is readily available for download. Security systems and bug fixes are the new programs that have come up […]

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What? Windows 8?

In what many suspect to be an intentional leak, copies of a presentation authored by Microsoft techies found their way to several tech-oriented blogs. Analysts, eager to find out what’s next for the Redmond based software giant, pored over the supposedly secret documents only to find out that the presentation was short on specifics. However, the directions pointed out by the documents reveal what Microsoft wants to happen during Windows 8’s release in 2012. The 2012 date is in step with Microsoft’s schedule of releasing a new operating system every three years.

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Windows 7 and the Mobile Environment

While Windows 7 has received critical acclaim on the desktop, its mobile counterpart, Windows Phone 7 has received very little media coverage. This is understandably so because the release of the new operating system is somewhat vague when they describe it with terms like “this year’s holiday season”, or “the last quarter”. In the 2010 TechEd Conference which was held at New Orleans, more than 6,000 developers and IT professionals attended the event. The focus of the event was on the Windows Azure platform which is really Microsoft’s foray into cloud computing. While nothing concrete was discussed on Windows Phone 7 as an operating system, the software company discussed how the mobile Operating System incorporates into cloud computing, and how the Windows Phone Marketplace will be used to browse, purchase and download mobile phone applications.

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The Disadvantages Of Windows 7

There are so many good features in windows 7 that make you love it such as great looks, fast speed, home group for the sharing of files between different computers, jump lists for the quick opening of files that have been used recently, aero snap for quick organizing of the desktop windows that are open. But there are some problems also with this operating system. For example, there are lots of notifications and it is difficult to find device drivers for the printers as well as other peripherals. But still it is a fact that Windows 7 has many improved features as compared to vista. We will now discuss the some of the disadvantages of Windows 7.

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Plugging To Windows Is A Speedy Piece

Windows has made to plug its users for quick access to various programs and software. Recent researches have laid the fact that Microsoft itself intimates its users about the upcoming apprehensions. The users have always got the quick access to the weakness whenever involved. However, the company doesn’t believe in exposing to deliver and fix the band updates. A chief technology officer Wolfgang Kandek at Qualys has said the above statement about the Microsoft Company. He is a compliance management provider. He has laid down in his report that zero-day-bug is actually a driver, which exists for faster plugging for any liabilities. He found that plugging speed of few Microsoft updates which addresses zero number of days in the Internet Explorer was same, whether the issuing periods of both of them differ. The researches have also pointed out the reason that media coverage is the prime reason of the faster patching of Microsoft bugs by the users. Microsoft has to release the security bulletins MS10-018. It is a critical rated update and includes 10patches. It affects mainly all the versions of Internet Explorer and also includes current zero-day-bug. It used to attack the browsers such as IE6 and IE7. It actually reduces it to its “half life”. Later, he described “half life” as the 50% point, up till where machines are patched.

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Windows 7 Computers For The Desktop

While the combined sales of laptops and other types of mobile computers now surpass those of desktop models, the exciting features (and not to mention the much improved computing experience) of Microsoft’s latest operating system opens new horizons for Windows 7 desktop computers. Desktop computers, compared to mobile devices, have always been more diverse in terms of looks, functionality, and performance. The world’s largest maker of CPUS, Intel is marketing a new range of powerful multiple core processors that take advantage of the latest hardware designs. AMD, Intel’s main rival, also have a new line of multiple-core 64 bit microprocessors. When these chips are married to Windows 7, everyone can see why the upgrade path from Windows XP to Windows 7 has been well worth the wait.

In this article, we will discuss what differentiates one type of desktop computer from the other, the advantages as well as the shortcomings of each design. We will also talk about the computer brands that best exemplify the category.

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