Firefox will start hiding DNS queries from your ISP

By default, Mozilla will turn on support for the DNS-over-HTTPS, DoH standard in its Firefox web browser, where DNS queries to translate domains to IP addresses are transmitted using the encrypted HTTPS protocol.

By analyzing the user’s data communication, it will no longer be possible to find out which domains he / she visits by analyzing DNS queries.

DoH support is already present in stable versions of Firefox, but is disabled by default. In the second half of September, Mozilla plans to turn it on by default for a small percentage of US users, and if it goes well, it is not clear to everyone later, either in the US or globally. When Mozilla is ready for 100% deployment, it will announce it.

When using DoH, Firefox does not use the DNS operating system and its settings, but the DoH server set in Firefox. This is by default the DoH server from Cloudflare, and the server can be changed.

In addition to removing visited domains in the unencrypted DNS communication of the DoH user, however, it can potentially circumvent, for example, parental control solutions, corporate data management solutions, and other similar solutions. Firefox will try to detect such solutions and will not turn on DoH support.

Obviously, the user will also be able to shut down the use of DoH.

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