Microsoft Touch Pack For Windows 7

Microsoft Touch Pack

It goes without say that Windows 8 are the best when it comes to its touch screen feature on laptops and desktops. Windows 7 also has the ability of letting you operate the screen using your fingers. Microsoft has tried a lot by ensuring that Windows 7 provide its users with the touch screen option. As such, Microsoft has provided games and tools which have the touch option. Users who have touch screen display and are running windows 7 need to use the new Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7.

This program consists of three games and three programs. One of them is the Microsoft collage which allows one to arrange photos from a picture library on a background print. Once you have made the arrangement, you can add some effects on the photos to make the look more appealing and unique. Once you are satisfied with the final state of the pictures, you can set them as your desktop background. Once the photos appear on the screen, all you need to do is to swipe your fingers to navigate through all the photos. Move the photos by dragging them to the canvas using your fingers. This allows you to rotate and edit the size of the photo at the same time.

Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7 also allows one to choose a preferred photo color or style. One can also choose a preferred frame for the pictures. The final product can then be saved as JPEG image or better still as set as the background image. Microsoft surface globe on the other hand is a tool that allows you to navigate 2D or 3D. It is also another touch screen feature. Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7 can be downloaded as free software for any PC using 7. You must have a touch screen display to use this program.

Download Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7

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