ShareMeNot Software – Providing Ultimate Privacy From Nosy Social Networks


Using the internet can be very interesting though not so private. The main reason behind this is the fact that private information can be tracked by using cookies. Accounts can also be hacked leading to information loss. Such information is usually beneficial to advertisers. It is therefore important to always keep information as safe as possible; especially on social networks.  ShareMeNot is software that ensures that your privacy is maintained on the internet and in various social networks. Facebook accounts for instance can easily be shared on other pages. This in a great way might leak confidential information. While like some pages or sharing them on other social sites, other social networks apparently know your whereabouts. ShareMeNot comes into place at this juncture. This software is available for both Firefox and Chrome. It works by disabling the performance of the social networking buttons unless one chooses to click on them. ShareMeNot is a unique software which is useful for persons who have privacy concerns on the social networks.

As much as there are sites that you are not going to share information, it is important to always set exceptions. This gives you an opportunity to have control of what information you need to share and information that you believe is confidential. ShareMeNot can be downloaded as a browser extension especially on the ShareMeNot for Firefox and Chrome respectively. You can be assured of ultimate security and acquisition of privacy to information. As much as it almost inevitable to use the social networks, it is important to be cautious concerning security and privacy matters. ShareMeNot allows you to keep all your information on the social networks private and known to you alone. It is the best you can do, download it as soon as you can.

Download ShareMeNot for Firefox

Download ShareMeNot for Chrome

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