Take Command 14 Replacing The C Prompt

Take Command 14

Take Command 14 has been released by JP software mainly to replace the windows command prompt commonly referred to as the C prompt. Some additional programs to the take command 14 have made it more powerful and efficient compare to the C prompt. Most of the additional have been made on the scripting language. The TPIPE command for example, gives you an opportunity to transform, filter and process text in a number of ways. A perfect example is the fact that you can convert files form and to the Unicode. A switch of the TPIPE allows more filtering operations that cannot be simply achieved in a single program. There is also the probability of converting a file to either lower or upper case. One can also remove the text from the beginning to the end lines. This in general means that you can UUDecode or UUEncode or even better still Decode a file. The most interesting art is the ability to convert PDF documents and spreadsheets to text and many more features.

With the Take Command 14 software, one also gets an opportunity to create new windows desktop directly from a script or the command line. The resolution command on the other hand allows you to come up with the resolution, color intensity as well as refreshing the rate of a specific display. The Take Command also displays the command dialogue whenever one enters a command without any arguments. This is indeed an additional welcome feature. Take Command 14.0 comes with additional functionality together with 30-day trial which allows you to experience more with this new software. It is worth sacrificing some cash for this amazing software. You can also download it on your PC and experience a total makeover. It is ultimately what you have been looking for, especially if you were a C prompt user.

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