Free Word And Excel Password Recovery Wizard 2.09

Word Excel Recovery Wizard

Passwords are usually meant to protect files from being accessed by unknown sources. However, it is quite unfortunate that certain passwords are being hacked every single day leading to loss of confidential information. It goes without say that we at times forget passwords and it becomes almost impossible to access files and documents present in our PC’s. It is therefore important to be harmed with password recovery tools. There are many of them in the market but it is unfortunate that some of them do not offer the best solutions.

However, the introduction of the Free Word and Excel password recovery wizard 2.09 has helped a great deal in ensuring excellent password recovery. This free software recovers passwords within specific limits of password length and files format. Free word and excel password recovery wizard operates under the older word and excel documents. These documents include .doc and.xls files saved under word 97-2003 and excel 97-03 in that order.

The passwords needed for this software to operate should not exceed eight characters. This toil is far much easy to set up and operate. All you need to do is to select a password-protected file, select a suitable recovery method, fine-tune settings to quicken recovery then click recover or Go. Normally, passwords with simple English phrases are recovered within a short period of time. Such phrases become easily recovered if they exist in the English dictionary. However, if the password is a bit complicated, the software will take some time before it combines the necessary information to recover the password as soon as possible.

It is important to install the recovery tool to ensure that you never lose important files and documents at the end of the day. Recover your password with the free word and excel password recovery.

Download Free Word Excel password recovery wizard

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