Keep Your PC Up To Date With The Secunia PSI 3

Secunia PSI 3

Secunia PSI 3 is a product of the Danish software developer secunia ApS this software allows users to scan their computers automatically in order to identify missing windows updates as well us out of date software. The program also automates the whole update process whenever necessary. The version 3.0 undertakes various improvements to already existing features. It better still has a cleaner, automated patching support and a user interface which has been created in a very simple way. The main aim of this tool is to make the updating process simple and excellent. Basically, the streamlined interface ensures that the updating process is as simple and efficient. Once the program has been launched, it provides ultimate security for the computer while identifying outdated software and unavailable patches which are set as identifiable program icons. The program then tries to update outdated patches and software automatically. This is done automatically on behalf of the user. On the other hand, if it can’t be done automatically, the user has to identify outdated programs then click on them manually to update. The user can also right click a specific entry then remove it from the list manually.

Version 3.0 is also created in a way that it appears on the background automatically so that it can provide updates as they appear. Most of these options can easily be configured by the user from the settings button of the program. This version also supports five languages; German, Spanish, French, English, and Danish. All these are geared towards simplifying the updating process. The program is also user friendly to new user due to its simple requirements and procedures which need to followed whenever an update is being made. Secunia PSI 3.0 can be obtained as a freeware download especially for PCs using the windows XP.

Download Secunia Personal Software Inspector

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  • Top PC Cleaner

    i run it without the option to show only easy programs to patch disabled, it highlights several programs on my computer it says need patched but when i go too the Microsoft site it directs me too and try to install the patches it says they are already on my system, i keep windows constantly updated i just checked it, it says it is up too date,
    is secunia psi reliable or is something going on with my system?

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