WinX MediaTrans: Best Tool to Free Up iPhone iPad for iOS 10 Update

iOS 10 is announced to be more dynamic, fun and expressive than ever OS Apple launched, however, you’ll need at least 4GB extra storage for the iOS 10 update, which turns out be a headache for the mass 16GB iPhone users.

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Androids and Apples: Are they Even Comparable?

Although the release of the iPhone by Apple and the eventual release of the equally-competent Android has brought about much debate about which is better, in the end, one would ask ‘Are they even comparable?’ They may be catering to the same kind of market, but they each have their particular unique features that make them stand apart from one another.

With the increase in options that a consumer can have in terms of the smartphone market, there is a whole camaraderie of products to choose from, try, and switch to. It’s a wonderful world because the competition basically makes the development of each and every product so much more capable of doing what we want it to so, and just when we thought it would end there, something even better comes along!

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Better Movie Search on Google

If you are out of town and on-the-move with nothing but your mobile phone to entertain you, then don’t worry. Google has found a way to give you access to a movie search on the iPhone, Android Enabled device or the Palm WebOS, on which searching for movies will be child’s play.

Access your mobile browser, run a search for movies and then click on the option of more movies, this will update your interface and also display the movie synopsis, its trailer and the local venue it is playing at. The site will give you the review ratings, the category of the movie and some posters and models to admire.

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A Fix for iPhones Unable to Sync with Windows 7

Apple iPhone users have recently complained about a bug where they are unable to sync their smartphone with Windows 7 computers. The bug is somewhat random because it only happens mostly to a combination of computers with Intel P55 chipsets that run the 64 bit version of the operating system. As early as September 12, 2009, users began posting on an Apple forum reporting the bug. A lot of suggestions where posted on the forum, some said to tweak the power management settings, others said to downgrade to a lower iTunes version. Pretty soon, it was established that most of the users experiencing the syncing problem were using the same hardware – a Gigabyte motherboard with Intel P55 chipset. On November 6, 2009, the motherboard manufacturer issued a BIOS update version F4v where it fixed among other things an Apple iPhone sync issue.

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Use Your iPhone to Find Yourself Some Marijuana

A newly approved application by Apple allows iPhone users to locate pharmacies legally dispensing of curative marijuana. Making it to the top of the news, this development will surely catch the eye of many an iPhone fan.

Of course, the “Cannabis” drug is also legally dispensed for medical and therapeutic purposes by some pharmacies and dispensaries, so this should not be overly-exciting news for the die-hard hippie.

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