Better Movie Search on Google

If you are out of town and on-the-move with nothing but your mobile phone to entertain you, then don’t worry. Google has found a way to give you access to a movie search on the iPhone, Android Enabled device or the Palm WebOS, on which searching for movies will be child’s play.

Access your mobile browser, run a search for movies and then click on the option of more movies, this will update your interface and also display the movie synopsis, its trailer and the local venue it is playing at. The site will give you the review ratings, the category of the movie and some posters and models to admire.

The search by theatre option gives the opportunity search for the movie theatre closest to your location and the schedule of the movies playing so that you can choose the convenient show for you. This improved movie search is integrated into the Google Maps option therefore you will also get the directions to the nearest serve of nachos and cheese with jalapeños.

This movie search option on mobiles is available in New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, U.S.A, U.K. and Canada. If you do not have Safari or do not want to use it, you can even try the ‘Now Playing’ application on the iPhone for the same purpose.

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