iPhone Backup Extractor – Creating Backup of Your iPhone Files

iPhone Backup Extractor

Now if you are an iPhone owner, then you are bound to use the iTunes for creating the backups, even though some may agree that most of the software solutions found online do not have this feature which is required by most of the users. This is where the iPhone Backup Extractor comes in handy. For most of the iPhone owners, this is an effective tool which can be used for extracting files from the previously created backup data.

In addition, the program is quite easy to use, provides intuitive interface which is the best and the most common feature of this app. Basically, the iPhone Backup Extractor would easily find out the backups which are stored in the PC by checking out the default locations that are commonly used by the iTunes. However, if the user has moved the given tunes to another folder, then they have got a dedicated option for inputting in the path.

Since the tool is all about extracting data, the iPhone Backup Extractor allows one to extract calendar entries, contacts, notes, SMS messages, location data, call history, photos, recordings, videos, voicemails, etc. Furthermore, the tool uses various kinds of formats which can be used for extracting contents like CSV, VCards, iCal, KML, HTML, etc.

Unlike other tools, the iPhone Backup Extractor is quite easy to use and it works quite well on all the available online version of Windows. And that too it works without slowing down the given system. One may not need the administrator privileges for the Windows 7, but they can still use the iTunes which can be easily installed on the PC for creating backups.

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