Far Manager 3.0 – Faster and Easier File Management

Far Manager

Just like your room, the PC or laptop would need a small amount of cleaning from time to time. Whether it is moving the folders and files around, still a proper cleaning has to be done. Far Manager 3.0 is one of the best and full-featured file manager which has got all the required tools needed for managing and browsing the files. It even involves adding the regular plugins for support and feature.

One of the best features of the Far Manager is that it has got a simple design which makes it easy to use. Having the Norton Commander kind of interface, the Far Manager is one of the best and easiest file manager to use and available in the market. Not only it is fully customized, it even allows users to configure the available shortcuts for each and every action through the straightforward and intuitive dialog.

In addition of giving mouse support, the app has got built-in file views and text editors. Plus it even allows one to open certain kind of formats along with the default Windows program.  Another extensive feature of this program is it provides a huge variety of tools to work along.

Plus it can help in supporting the association of files for some of the pre-user-defined file types and various long file names. There is no surprise that the Far Manager 3.0 has got some of the best file highlight colors, video mode, file search utility, compare folders tools, configurable user menu, file view history, and the list goes on.

Besides these features, it has got plugins which can assist in enhancing the management. The best and interesting fact about the Far Manager is it can support a lot of plugins. So, this means that besides the ones which have been already factory installed, one can even download and integrate the brand new ones and thus help in adding a whole lot of brand new features to the given app.

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