Rise of Apple iPhone Application Developers

iphoneappThe Apple’s iPhone truly has proved itself to be versatile in so many ways. Designed to move telecommunication to the next level, its applications indeed make it a one-stop shop solution. With all the iPhone’s potential, ringing you would only seem like an added plus.

iPhone boasts of state of the art design, including multi-touch display partnered with vivid 3D graphics, internet tethering, find my iPhone and remote wipe services, and even stock monitoring options. This pocket size device would make any application developer drool incessantly.

This innovation leader has created an excellent playground for freelance developers and creative thinkers alike, completely cutting the tight leash held by handset manufacturers and carriers.

iPhone users can readily avail of different applications for their 3G iPhones with Apple’s AppStore – another groundbreaking trend following their success in changing digital music with the famous iTunes music store. The whole end-to-end transaction of buying and installing the applications are easily done via Wi-Fi or cellular network on the handset itself, eliminating the need for any computer or other mobile contact.

Millions of downloads in a weekend

The market is greatly encouraged by Apple’s extraordinary statistical reports of having 10 million downloads from AppStore in just the short span of its first weekend of launch.

Investor Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers has initiated a fund aptly named “iFund” worth $US100 million for companies developing iPhone applications. KCPB will prioritize applications featuring location-based services, social networking, communication and entertainment, as well as mCommerce – which highlights advertising and payments. The investor company assures an investment of $US100,000 to $US15,000,000 in mobile application and service businesses.

Around one-fourth (1/4th) of applications can be downloaded in AppStore for free, and the others can be easily bought at about $US9.90 each. Apple collects 30% of each sale through its AppStore to secure buyers that all applications are installed without any illegitimate alteration.

More than 1000 applications are immediately available for the Apple iPhone. A great portion of these applications are consumer-focused naming games, culture, entertainment and travel based, while business and finance applications are quickly catching up.

Business-centric applications

iPhone inspired business softwares are emerging left and right. Companies like software pioneer Salesforce.com are now integrating their browser-based customer relationship management system into iPhone’s screen format, and a lot more doing the same.

One cutting edge innovation by iPhone was recently showcased at a corporate event by Cisco System. The device’s motion sensitivity allows its call to be transferred into another telephone device just by nudging it to the direction.

Apple is confident in getting a big portion of the hand-held business market because of its friendly user-inferface, and leading characteristics. A persuasive nudge for BlackBerry businesses to move to the 3G iPhone is its capability to work with Microsoft’s Exchange software giving it the ability to keep its email “on” at all times.

GPS takes the cake

The expected best seller for iPhone application is the location-based services, powered by the GPS incorporated in the device along with high-speed internet connection.

Social networking and instant-messaging based applications are expected to take advantage of this feature. The power to locate people and provide them with geo-sensitive information, alerts, and other such services are more than enough incentives for these market participants to grab a piece of the much coveted iPhone pie.

iPhone user ready applications

Remember the milk

Started by Australians Emily Boyd and Omar Kilani, this famed task management and reminder service was originally intended for the internet.

iCharge for iPhone

This Australian invention allows its users to make credit card transactions anywhere, without the need of other equipment. Although only locally used, the software company is exploring into making it available globally.

Google Docs Mobile

Enables its users to view documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.


This internet based application aids freelancers to monitor client billing transactions for free.

Mobile Map

Letting your friends know where you are and what you’re upto, this GPS-based social networking application keeps you connected.


Initially a well-known web-based office suite, this mobile variant enables its users to create documents, spreadsheets and presentations on their hand-held device.

SpeechCloud Voice Dialer

This application enables its users to voice-dial for free, an exceptional tool when driving.


Apple-developed application which allows the iPhone to turn into a remote control using iTunes or Apple TV via a local wireless network for free.

Facebook Mobile

A popular web-based social networking site, allows its members to use application using the mobile device.

eBay Mobile

An application that enables its users to track their eBay bids and items for sale.

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