XCode 4: Latest Version Windows Vista Apple Ides Released!

Latest updated Apple’s iOS released few days back. Eventually, some weaknesses have been identified for its strength performance. Though lots of efforts have given for developing Xcode 4 software but it is not up to the expected mark for performing its task. The users already started giving their comments on its performance. They are not happy with the performance new version rather they are considering old version more comfortable for their use. Goggle said that “I hate Xcode 4”.  The vista apple IDEs may end up this version considering the following reasons.

Xcode 4 is very slow in performing tasks than the Xcode 3. After opening new tabs there are numbers of side bars in Xcode 4 these would be helpful for animations but their slow and jerky performance that could not be possible in time. In some cases, you have wait for longer time after pressing the command key. Opening open of debugging console is the best example for sliding animation.

Single windows can not be better for all programs at all. These are always creating lot of problems during operating. Same things happen with the Xcode 4 version. The design paradigm of this program stuck up Apple, with this interference a series of side bars within the side bars appear on the screen. The users are facing problems to work with these side bars.

Xcode 4 seems to be unstable than the Xcode 3.  The users are facing lots of problems with this version. They cannot run their program in stable mood, frequently they change their stability and these create lot of problems in running program. The expectations of the users were to get more user-friendly version but it does not fulfill the expectation of the users. They are expecting to solve these problems before final release.

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