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Trim Enabler

There are people who have an Apple Mac but it does not have an Apple SSD. You therefore find it hard to use TRIM. This is because the non Apple SSD does not support TRIM. If you want your SSD to support TRIM you have to purchase the new TRIM Enabler.

There are those who don’t understand the word TRIM. This is a command that enables the OS to tell the SSD the data that is no longer in use. This allows the computer to erase the data internally. In a Mac with a non Apple, SSD TRIM is not supported. Being a very important command, it is important to have it. The SSD on the other hand, is the Solid State Drive. It is used to store persistent data. In such Macs, you need to install the TRIM Enabler 2.0. This enabler works differently than other TRIM enablers. This is because it patches the SSD to be able to allow TRIM. It is unlike the complete replacing of the SSD as you would have otherwise done. The speed of the patching process is also good so that you won’t wait for ages for it to finish. The TRIM Enabler 2.0 can also update itself. This saves you the time and energy of updating it manually. It will also inform you when new updates are available.

You will also fancy the Smart Tool that comes with the TRIM Enabler 2.0. This tool is inbuilt and allows you to check on the condition of your SSD drives. This helps to warn you of any problems in that area. The application is also free. There is therefore no reason why a person with a non Apple SSD in his Mac not to download it. It works best with non Apple SSD that use OS X Lion, OS X 10.6.8 or those running 10.7.X.

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