Shut Down, Reboot Or Wake Networked PCs Easily with RemoteRebootx


Monitoring your running systems or remotely shutting down and restarting them or waking them up is now easy thanks to RemoteRebootx. This program gives you a convenient way of managing your networked PCs.

Although Windows already offers some basic help for those who wish to shut down or restart their networks, this may not be convenient for some people. If you are one of such people, then RemoteRebootx is the best option for you. It uses a configuration process that starts with RemoteRebootx giving the system a list that contain all hosts you would like to restart, shut down or reboot. Although it may not have an option for manually scanning the network, adding them manually is easy. You just need to type a + then enter IP address or host names. In case you have a big network, you can also use the host name import option. You can also use the LAN wake feature. However, this will require you to use addresses of a host MAC. However, it is possible to capture these automatically by just selecting all of them then clicking Actions. This should be followed by GetMAC Address. After that, you can just get started.

To shut down or reboot any of your systems or hosts, you just choose the system, right click and then select appropriate shutdown or reboot function. Remoterebootx will support regular shut downs and forced shut downs. Regular shut down can be canceled in case someone using a PC has something they need to save. On the other hand, forced shut downs closes applications even when the person using the PC has unsaved data. Remoterebootx also has an extra feature that lets you access important information details via remote system. Such details include free space of the system, time of the last boot, and status of Windows services, among others. Generally, Remoterebootx has excellent features for use in networking armory.

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