Windows Genuine – How important is the word genuine

This time there is no reader asking question about Advantage of Windows Genuine, rather it’s just speaking in loud tone. The Advantage of Windows Genuine is not to every one’s liking but is a hurdle on the way that alleges the user of stealing that which has been bought legally. The real advantage is with Microsoft and no one else.

It was in Redmond, that a change in policy was used to simply eliminate a very serious problem – not able to get genuine copy of Windows even with license purchased legally. If Windows have been made available along with the purchased computer, the only way to restore is by applying reformat completely. If restore discs that came with the purchased computer are lost or partition table is changed so that restore partition is now unbootable, the loading of Window will not be possible. In such a situation you will be left devoid of utilities and options that are part of genuine Windows CD or DVD.

Microsoft, the soft ware company seems to be of the notion that giving discs of Windows is identical to giving away licenses for Windows to work. How is that possible when Microsoft itself is encouraging customers to follow the process of activation for Windows? In the process of activation, product key provided by Microsoft is a long number that is to be entered for authentication of purchase of operating system.

Its not a bad idea where Microsoft give away disc and make it chargeable so that it can be downloaded with file extension iso. Ask for the charge of $5 to those who are not interested in long downloads. The disc can be given to anyone. To activate Windows, unique product key is to be obtained either by paying Microsoft or will have Windows in the newly bought PC where Windows is pre-loaded. Further even if you have a product key, there is utmost necessity of installing the product.

XP, Vista and Windows 7 should not have any problem with this procedure. At present there are lots of commercial programs sold the same way. All you have to do is download the program, install it and have limited version for use. Once in need of use of full version of windows genuine, get it unlocked by paying for a key required to unlock. That’s how software is sold. Its time for Microsoft to work on this and provide something refreshing.

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