The Mac Beta Version Of Google Chrome Browser – Set For Release

The Beta Version of Google Chrome Browser for the Mac is ready only for a few yet to be addressed concerns.

Google’s Bug tracking software tracked eight bugs which have to be dealt with before the release of the Chrome Browser for Mac Machines. Out of these eight bugs two are Priority 1 as these cause the machines to crash when the Chrome attempts to deliver Adobe Flash based content.

The Mac version of the Google Chrome would be available for use in early December according a Product Manager serving on the Chrome Contingent.

Yet there will be a few features missing for the Mac Beta Users in comparison to the Widows Version of the same. According to the report published in TechCrunch on Monday, there are the book mark manager, book mark synchronization and the App Mode features on the Mac Chrome. But unlike the Windows version this one will be missing the extension support as Google is yet to open its official extension gallery for the public.

Mike Pinkerton, the technical leader of the Chrome Team tweeted last Sunday, that presently there is no extension available for the Beta version though it is in the pipeline. As of now, Google is limiting itself here. Pinkerton is not only developing the Chrome for the Mac but also devotes his skills to the Camino which is the Browser for Mac built on the Gecko distributing engine developed by Mozilla which has its basis in Firefox.

Google is presently set to offer the interface for browsing, removing passwords, in-line PDF delivery and the Task Manager in the impending milestone, whereas the list of bugs is set to be dealt with only in the Milestone 4.

The windows version of the Chrome was released from the beta stage in September but the Linux and Mac based Beta have not been brought forth. There are apparent versions of the Chrome for the Linux and Mac available and released in June 2009 yet users have been warn-off by Google about their instability.

According to Net Applications, a company which studies webmetrics, Google Chrome was used for 3.6% of all the web browsing. The data for the month of November will be released tomorrow by the Net Applications.

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