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For those who are new to the word ADOBE READER, we must tell them that it is software that has been designed for securely viewing the PDF documents. The full form of PDF is “Portable Document Format.” It has cross-platform compatibility as its biggest advantage. This kind of file can be opened in a Linux computer or in windows and even on your mobile phone provided; your mobile phone has a symbian. The PDF format was introduced by the Adobe Systems in the year 1993. For making this format popular in the starting of its launch, the Adobe Systems released the software Adobe Reader free of cost. It was done to beat the competition with the other formats such as Envoy and common ground digital paper. The result is apparent for all of us. Now this format is the standard format for the printable materials and it is the most common and popular format that is being used by the publishers of e-books. Several versions of adobe reader have been introduced in the market in correspondence with the changes as well as updates of the PDF format. The latest version of the Adobe Reader is 8.0.

Lots of factors are responsible for the growing popularity of the PDF format of the documents and along with the popularity of PDF format, the Adobe Reader is also getting very popular. The new versions of the PDF format support all types of hyperlinks in document, JavaScript, forms and different types of plug-ins. All this has made this format even more popular. This format also supports the full text search in the whole document. The files are produced in smaller size making uploading of files easier. Optimization of files also becomes easier. One another main advantage of the Adobe PDF version is that the files look and print exactly the same as is required in different platforms. The most important advantage is that Adobe Reader is free of cost and you can easily download it from internet. This system has become very popular in distributing documents across a large number of audiences across different operating systems.

For the creation of PDF files Adobe Reader is very important. It is the most comprehensive tool that helps a single user in creating and interacting PDF files. The paper documents can be scanned for making files in PDF format. The Adobe Reader will take it as text and will enable you to make search throughout the document and even edit the document. Another option for making files in PDF format is to make use of digital source of information.

For the best utilization of the Adobe Reader, You must try to learn about the capabilities of the Adobe Reader. This software is available in two forms. You can use is as standalone application or you can open it inside your browser window. The interface of Adobe reader will be the same in both ways. There is a document pane at center for the display of PDF and there is one navigation pane on left holding buttons that will enable you to navigate through out the document.

For the creation of the PDF format files with the help of Adobe Reader, you must register yourself with an account. Then there will be different options of which you will make use of for making a file in the PDF format. First of all, you should make it sure that the toolbars are unlocked. It can be done by right clicking main toolbar on the top. The toolbars can also be moved side to side. You can make a choice about which toolbar you want to hide and which one to show.

You will also get the option of changing the looks of your document. For changing the view of the navigation pane, you can click button that is on the left of the navigation pane. The Adobe Reader will also give you the option of changing the display of the colors and customize the looks of your document. You can also change the view of the document. You can make a choice between the reading mode and the full screen mode. You will find that when you will switch to the full screen mode then all the toolbars will be hidden. The zoom level as well as the page layout can also be changed. therefore, you will find that there are lots of options of which you can make use of with the help of Adobe Reader in the making of your PDF format file.

There are different ways by which you can update the adobe reader. The updating of the Adobe Reader can be automated with help of specific PDF file. You can choose a document that has unknown language fonts and the Adobe Reader will help you in downloading the fonts. The Adobe Reader can also be automated manually. You can do this by selecting the last option of the help menu that is check for updates. By clicking this option you will connected with the central Adobe server and will get knowledge about the new components that are available. You will get all the information about the updates and you can easily upload them in your system by giving your manual confirmation.

You will get access to different ways of manipulating the PDF files with the help of Adobe Reader. It enables you to view the document, make search in the entire document and save the document either in the PDF format or in the text format as per your choice. You can save the PDF version file in to text format by clicking on save as text format and the document will be saved in .txt extension. In this way, there will be no loss of the content of the document except for the images.

In this way, it can be concluded that the Adobe Reader is a wonderful and very important software that has been designed for reading the documents and e-books in the PDF format. Not only you can read the PDF documents but you can also make changes and customize the views of the document.

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