Instantbird 1.0 – The New IM Solution

instantbirdThe Instantbird 1.4 has been released, it is a multi-network software that connects almost all famous chatting servers have been connected. The Instantbird is a IM manager that users can use to remain online on almost all network he is a part of. The Instantbird is slowly growing popular amongst the users of today.

The Instantbird connects many networks together and makes users able to use them according to their need at the same. The users who are very regular on the internet have accounts in almost all chatting servers, the most popular of chatting servers include Facebook, Twitter, Live messenger, Yahoo messenger and many more. This Chatting client is still behind the popularity of other famous multi-network chatting clients like Trillian and Pidgin. But to consider its popularity from this first release we can say that Trillian and Pidgin will surely have competition with the future releases. The users can access their existing.

Instantbird is a good performer as a new Chatting client. The users can access their existing accounts In the networks they want to connect to. The program helps you to chat simultaneously with all available in their accounts. When the installation is done the users can set their existing accounts up one by one and then after the Instantbird connects to these accounts the user can freely chat with all contacts from those accounts.

To add accounts the user selects Tools>> Account>> New Account and adds his accounts. To set your current status for a certain network the user clicks File>> Set Status, the user can select from Available, Unavailable or Offline. To open a chat the user double clicks on an online contact.

The Instantbird is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems, both 64 and 32 bit versions are available. The Instantbird is free for download.

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