Terms Related To Computer Software

Software Documentation

These days, the task of software documentation is considered very important because it helps the end users in understanding the program, its working, its functionality and how to make use of it. If there is no clear software documentation, then sometimes it becomes really hard to use the software especially in the cases when the software is very specialized and very complex like the Photoshop software or the AutoCAD. There may be Developer documentation as well that consists of code as well as comments in separate files, and details out working of the entire programs and the ways through which it can be modified.

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Software-Computer Software An Intangible Device

Working and Functions Of Computer Software

Computer software, which is an application program basically and it contains a variety of data for use and for the ease of the users. There are number of software available in the market and once you will download particular software then it will perform that function.

Computer software contains two major and different types of program like-

Application software- this is the software that controls the particular application or information to be used by the users.

System software- the function of the system software is to control the operating system. It coordinates the various operations executed in the computer and it also helps in performing different processing tasks related to the information.

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Introduction To Computer Software

Computer software is mainly a general term that is primarily used for the purpose of storing digital data like computer programs as well as other kind of information that can be read or written by the computers. Software mainly includes the data that is not associated with the computers, like films, tapes as well as records traditionally. The term software was coined in such a way that it can contrast with the old term known as hardware that was used to denote mainly the physical devices. Though hardware is used for the tangible devices, software is used for the intangible components that cannot be touched physically. Software can also be used sometimes to denote application software only.

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