Facing the Issues of the iOS 4.0 Multitasking Capabilities

Apple has continuously brought some of the best applications for its products over the years and yet another is being introduced that maximizes the multi-tasking capability of any iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, and iPhone 4. This is the iOS 4.0 and it is bringing, to the user, the capability of the iPhone to enable the running of several applications, or apps, simultaneously as well as keeping other open apps suspended until closed by the iPhone user. This ultimately helps the user run apps (especially those compatible to this new feature) by reducing the opening and closing of new apps one at a time. Instead, it leaves them open and running and you can shift from one to another with more smooth movements.

Since it is created for the iPhone, it allows for one-handed operation. It basically works like this: when you have iOS 4.0 installed, all you have to do is the go to the Home button and double-click it. This will open up a bar for multi-tasking while your entire screen scrolls up and a translucent screen conceals it. On the multi-tasking bar, expect to see the apps that you have used, and they will also show on the bar in the sequence that you used them, making for easier scrolling and tapping to re-open them.

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