Windows Mobile 6.5 Receives A Chilly Welcome

The new Windows Mobile 6.5, Microsoft’s latest mobile operating system, is now being reviewed. Unfortunately, those reviews are not good. The general consensus is that rather than truly upgrading the OS to compete in an increasingly cutthroat industry, the new mobile Windows has gotten little more than a facelift.

“Windows Mobile 6.5 isn’t just a letdown,” says Gizmodo’s John Herman. “It barely seems done.” He expresses very little surprise at this, noting several times in his review that the OS is playing an unsuccessful game of catch-up. Looking at the nuts and bolts of the system showed, in his observation, that the Windows Mobile OS “hasn’t been fundamentally changed in years.” It also bears a “strong resemblance” to the 6.1 version, and suspiciously significant similarities to PocketPC 2002.

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