Freeware Files: How Safe Are Your Secret In Your Computer?

The data on PC that is very important to you needs to be protected from others. Windows the operating system may not have sufficient security to protect your data. The people with intention to harm others are always one step ahead in cracking the applications. Windows has been declaring that… users are safe when using their application. But in true sense the security provided by Windows application is not.   Now the freeware files are there to help you protect your sensitive data. Some of them are listed below!

Rohos Mini Drive

The critical files can be kept with you for security reasons all the time, that’s the best way. But you can’t expect the powerful encryption program such as TrueCrypt to run on the drive. If you encrypt the contents on the USB drive and you don’t have administrator access on other PC for TrueCrypt to run then the files on the USB drive cannot be accessed. This problem is taken care of by Rohos the portable mini drive that allows access to the volumes of data that has been encrypted.  Place the drive in the PC you like and simply by typing password you are allowed to reach your files for any change that you want. Only care that you have to take is…. don’t forget to take drive from the PC while leaving the place without fail.

Hide In Picture

This excellent open source program provides you the option to hide the files in the pictures. Your archrivals have to strain their brains to get through the files hidden in the background. The code of the selected pictures of .bmp or .gif types can be used to hide the file codes with the feature called Hide in Picture. The limitation of this feature is you can’t put the file with capacity more than 100 MB into the picture. This application is best used for text files of passwords.


This application can be treated as the champion to protect the data with full safety. There is no better choice for encryption of contents available in hard disk or portable device if you are having administrator access to get back your protected data files. Technically TrueCrpt allows creation of container files that you can tilt to have anything out of it. As this file container is loaded into TrueCrypt , the container is mounted as a mapped drive in Windows explorer with the help of the program in it. You simply have to drag and drop files wherever required; the program automatically does encryptions and decryptions. The encrypted files can run from protected container. The need to copy and decrypt the files to another folder is not required. Finally un-mount the volume and you have your secrets with you.

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