The Most Important Add-ons of Firefox 3.5 (Part 2)

Last Pass Password Manager


Web services are focusing aggressively about the cautions that you should follow at the time of choosing password. Remembering many passwords and finding it difficult to navigate the internet when you are logged out due to Cookies being refreshed are few big hassles that you may face when using internet. For such a problem Last Pass Password Manager is used where your passwords are stored and only one code allows the access to the rest. Stronger passwords can be created by you, with a single click log into your sites and can manage your data from more than one computers; all this is ensured by Last Pass. Sharing of logins with friends, using one time passwords and safe-guarding passwords so that other password managers are not able to store as in the case of online banking site – are some of the things that is possible when you use this add-on. All the data that pertains to security is encrypted locally so no need to worry about web snoops.



How can you leave aside social networks? Can you expect to have instant access to your friends at a click of a button to share links with them? This is very much possible with Shareaholic where you are able to right click on a video, link or image and distribute the same among your internet friends on number of sites like Twitter, Digg and Facebook.

Google Maps’ Locator


When in hurry it happens that you don’t have enough time to type physically Google address. In such a case Locator on Google Maps help you in providing a quick solution for that right click on address that is highlighted and in no time Google maps pops up new menu with a pin on required location.



If you have one hand holding some thing, only one free hand to work on the computer for surfing the web. Firegestures makes your one hand surfing very much possible where with the help of few clicks and gestures of the mouse you will be in position to execute different user scripts and commands; the gestures allowed are five. Hence you don’t have to make your second hand free to get the things done.

Hide Tab


The discrete paranoia button on Hide Tab hides all tabs available in your Firefox browser window quickly that makes it easy to surf incognito without your colleague desk mates getting suspicious. To make the hiding windows more discreet there are keyboard shortcuts. This add –on is in the experimental stages so download is to be at your own risk.

Foxy Tunes


If you are a music listener who is not disturbed by switching the music in between the screens then Foxy Tunes is a remote control for media player. It helps to control Pandore, Winamp, Windows Media Player, Xbox Media Player and number of other services. The parent application should run in the background.

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