The Most Important Add-ons of Firefox 3.5 (Part 3)

Firefox Showcase


At times it is time consuming trying to shift through tabs when you are not comfortable with running more than one Firefox window at a particular time. Firefox Showcase is an Add-on developed to display different tabs in the window of the main browser. Use press Ctrl + Alt +T to get a view of tabs individually and pick the one required after taking a quick glance at screen shot.



As brain is quicker to distinguish between the colors than text; for text you need to read it, ColorfulTabs will provide different shades to your tabs depending on the color of the webpage that you are browsing. This Add-on ColorfulTabs adds something different to your browser window from Firefox; it adds an alternative functionality such that users are able to distinguish between the tabs using colors.

New Tab King


As you move forward in your journey of internet, this Firefox add-on has many things kept in store to be used time and again. The New Tab King helps to display – all tabs that were recently closed, web site addresses that you tend to visit frequently, your desktop applications’ shortcuts and personalized suggested websites. If you are using a computer that does not customize bookmarks for you, then this add on is very useful tool for sure.



If you are in need of storing user content such as bookmarks and passwords for safekeeping then this add-on has to play a very important role. If you use Internet on different machines then this service has to be an integral part of your web browsing. Xmarks has an excellent feature of safely locking your content with password and if you have accidentally deleted anything then Xmarks helps you to restore bookmarks from the past day.

Full Screen Video for HTML 5


Any popular browser should have basic functionality coming along as a standard one; that is the requirement of not only browser but any application. Full Screen Video for HTML 5 is an add-on that’s an excellent example of the above stated condition for the application. This add-on includes an option of full screen for HTML5 videos’ context menu but if the video services are not offering this option then this add-on becomes the integral part.

If there are still some add-ons for Firefox browser that you feel worth mentioning, then don’t hesitate to put your comments. We would like to share the left out add-ons also for better web browsing with Firefox browser.

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