Windows 7 Enterprise Trial

Most of the people have already tested several versions of the Windows 7 operating system including the beta, release candidate and rtm releases of the upcoming operating system. The Windows 7 Release Candidate and RTM releases are still good for several months of testing. The RTM release of Windows 7 on the other hand has only been made available to Microsoft partners and MSDN or Technet subscribers leaving many of the release candidate users without an option to test this release as well.

Microsoft has – exactly for this reason – made available a trial version of Windows 7 Enterprise. This trial version is the RTM release of Windows 7 Enterprise. Users who download this version can test the full functionality of the release for 90 days before it will automatically shutdown every hour and notify the user that the trial version has expired. The Windows 7 Enterprise trial can be downloaded as a 32-bit or 64-bit edition in the five languages English, Spanish, German, French or Japanese.

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